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TUE November 28, WED November 29, and FRI December 1, 2023 | The Bridge-Tardif-Wolak Trio, 'Dare to Discover Music Series', Edmonton City Hall (with Kornel Wolak, clarinet and Michael Bridge, accordion; Stravinsky ‘The Soldier’s Tale’, Schubert ‘Death and the Maiden’)

  • Thank you for the wonderful concert and gift.
  • Very lively and spirited playing! I loved the accordion - something new.
  • Outstanding. The combination was amazing. Thank you.

MON July 31 | TUE August 1 | WED August 2 | 'Harlequinade - A Summer Concert', Edmonton City Hall (with Maria Protodyakonova, piano; Stravinsky Suite Italienne & Prokofiev Sonata no. 2)

  • I haven’t had much experience in listening to classical music but I had the luck of catching some of your performances today & yesterday. I have no words to describe it other than beautiful. If there is a way to have these events across the summer, I would find myself attending them.
  • Really loved your playing!
  • Amazing musicians! Bravo!
  • So delightful! We’re on our way elsewhere and wish we could stay longer! Amazing!
  • Thank you, such an unexpected jewel for my day & my soul. I am here only for one day, from Vancouver, & was exploring the city after a business meeting. This is amazing. Language of music is so powerful & thanks for giving this miracle to us on this day. I only wish my kids were with me too : ) Grand merci! : )
  • Love how the music filled the beautiful space. The expertly played notes rang so sweetly. Thank you for sharing your talent of bringing beautiful sounds into the world.

SUN July 22, 2018 | Edmondon City Hall (with Theodor Chow, piano; Tchaikovsky Valse-Scherzo Op. 34 & Violin Concerto Op. 35, )

  • Wonderful! I've been coming for several years!
  • Thank you for all the hard work, practicing to prepare for this concert. It was amazing and helpful to hear the background information.
  • Thank you! Very much.
  • Fabulous as always! Thanks for these summer concerts this week.
  • Fantastic elegant spirited playing!
  • Loved these concerts.
  • Thank you!

We all love it - Very energetic and uplifting (CD Review, 'Tales from the Dinarides', 2017)

"I never hear a Paganini violin work [Paganini/Gallois-Montbrun 24 Caprices, with Roger Admiral, piano] without thinking of your concert all these years later!" (Norman Dunfee, Manager, Legato Arts LLC, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall)

"I have been fortunate to hear this sonata [Ysaÿe, Sonata for Solo Violin, Op. 27, No. 6] performed, in Edmonton in November, 2015, by Edmonton’s distinguished concert violinist and teacher, Dr. Guillaume Tardif" - Hendrik Slegtenhorst, online blog, (Nov. 2015)

"Tardif showed every sign of being a first-rate artist… His playing of Wieniawsky's Scherzo-Tarentella invited an awed response from the audience." - Chronicle Herald, Halifax.

"Guillaume Tardif’s technique in the Brahms Concerto is solid and allows refinement and beauty." - El Comero, Lima, Peru

"It was a mesmerizing virtuoso performance of the Paganini Concerto " - Cultural review, Charlottetown, PEI

"Just absolutely stunning. it was an all out 100% tour de force ! Monday's performance by violinist Guillaume Tardif gave all in attendance a lovely shock. The twenty-eight-year-old Tardif is a master of his craft both technically and emotionally. It is unique to find a master quite so young and also quite so objective in his playing style. Tardif kept the audience enthralled by his cool removal from the music. It is not that Tardif doesn't care about the music he plays, the opposite is quite evident, rather he is one with the music he creates in a seemingly Zen state of being. When such a dazzling performance is rendered by a soloist, the accompanist must make every effort to dissolve into the background and still be heard by both the soloist and the audience... The work is mostly on the violinist in this finale, and once again, Tardif moved through the high-speed frenzy admirably. An excited intermission followed. Why? Because the last half of the recital featured the Violin Concerto No. 1 in D by none other than Niccolo Paganini. . The performance of this concerto was absolutely riveting. It was almost unbelievable; it was earth-shattering. All this incredibly difficult music... Talent like this rarely is seen in Sackville. Once again, the expression "tour de force" seems appropriate. This was one standing ovation that was really deserved, for both performers..." - Argosy Arts and Entertainment, Sackville, NB

"The recital was such a success that Tardif was already asked for encores at the end of the first half. He proceeded to perform with ease the terribly difficult 24th Caprice by Paganini" - Cultural Review, Miskolc, Hungary

"Guillaume Tardif’s violin masterful; virtuoso technique, superb ringing tone and imaginative programming made Tardif’s ‘Evening of Solo Violin’ a Sunday evening to remember… Tardif played with extreme musicality and intelligence, presenting his program with warmth and humility, endearing himself to his audience who left not only loving music even more, but being wiser as well. In the Bach E major partita, he emphasized the dance aspect, a pleasing departure from the usual performances, and the Chaconne was a vehicle for his stunning technique, as a well as a very intelligent and musical presentation of the complex work. Tardif's compositional skill was displayed in the delightful La Commedia dell'Arte, a set of variations on a theme by Corelli, in which he paints sound pictures of seven characters. The audience chuckled as it recognized the pomposity of the doctor, the flirtatious lover and the braggart captain. The Devil's Trill Sonata by Tartini received a reworking in a solo arrangement by Tardif in which he added a pizzicato 'lute' accompaniment to the already demanding violin part. The encores underscored the high comfort level between performer and audience in this exceptional recital. He took requests and performed Paganini Caprices and an excerpt from Ysaye's Ballade. THese are highly demanding works which we would normally feel privileged to hear in a highly rehearsed body of a program. Here they were performed casually, off the cuff and brilliantly. " - Cultural Review, Kamloops Daily News

"Tardif’s bow danced across the strings throughout this exciting and inventive program. He has put together a thought-provoking program, casting himself as a modern day Kreisler" - T. P. Carrabré, composer-in-residence, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

"The orchestra, led for the first time by concertmaster Guillaume Tardif, played the opening movement of the Elgar Serenade with good attention to the edgier aspects of the music. Pleasing it was, but the recurring violin ostinato work had an engaging bite as well. The second two movements more of the warm, lyrical the late Romantic English composer is best known for... Because of Tardif's leadership in the violin section, the higher strings had a unified sound that attacked the dynamics of the music with a vigour that was lacking in the lower end." Bill Rankin, Edmonton Journal.